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The legend of the phoenix

November 4 2015 , Written by The Thinker

It has been such a long while before i wrote an article. It wasn't the lack of inspiration, if anything the abundance of ideas coupled with a heavy bout of indecisiveness allowed the blog to enjoy a drought of posts. I had plenty of ideas, considering the incessant political scandals Kenya has faced, the just concluded Tanzanian elections, the continued beating of the drums of conflict by politicians, the corruption that bares its fangs at the nations finances, but I finally settled on posting this one.Its subtle and absent of politics, it is a reminiscence of the audacity of hope amidst all. I hope you wont regret giving audience to this post.

Greek mythology bears the tale of an eternal bird , well, it bears tales of many eternal creatures but this one stands apart from all that deserve mention. This bird, though eternal dies in a show of flames. No one would possibly want to miss seeing this creature in its last moments (were it real). It gives new meaning to going out with a bang. In that very moment after the smoke subsides the phoenix is reborn. Out of the ashes of its predecessor, comes another more vibrant beast to live another dozen centuries. A piercing echo of memories can be heard from its first shriek. It was said all who heard it shuddered.The Tale of the phoenix caught my attention, and perhaps this is the creature of the week to many including myself.

Well, this year saw me lost in a set of fairy tales. I had this idea that all things I wanted would come easy and this did not happen. I realized that a set amount of work needs to be put into an idea to make it happen and even after all this, there is the possibility that it may not actualize as I envisioned it, but even that should not stop me. Consistency, persistence, endurance and independence of motivation are the key things to attain if I am to make this vision happen. I had many conversations with friends, some who argued that the only way to avoid disappointment was to lower your expectations of others. I felt that this just wouldn't cut it. I was not going to lower my expectations to avoid disappointment but I was going to expect it all. I had to break through the idealism and balance it with realism however harsh one notion is to the very nature of the other.. This collision of realism and Idealism are what resulted in the fire that burned me out this semester. That collision marks the conclusion of Idealism and the ignition of the spark of a finding balance.

This month marks a new beginning for me. What makes it stand out is that it is the end of a very long period of time. It marks the end of a season of The year is about to end and perhaps it is about time to evaluate the resolutions I made at the start of this year because the end of the year is so much more important than the beginning thereof .

This year has impressed upon us its fists, absent of mercy and rained its flames perhaps in a bid to draw us back to the original vision we dared to embrace. In school, the elections are over and in many respects, so many things have concluded themselves. I guess my sentiments are simply that , it is not over yet until we believe its over. Seize this moment and be a legend , be reborn a pheonix, younger , stronger, with more stamina and an immence endurance. This is our Year. 

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