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The Illusion of friendship

November 16 2015 , Written by The Thinker Published on #Philosophy

Today marks one of the many days I come across phrases that are so true that they make me wish I thought of them first. Last week s conclusion saw me pass a resolution that I would do what was exclusively in my best interests, with some exceptions of...

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The legend of the phoenix

November 4 2015 , Written by The Thinker

It has been such a long while before i wrote an article. It wasn't the lack of inspiration, if anything the abundance of ideas coupled with a heavy bout of indecisiveness allowed the blog to enjoy a drought of posts. I had plenty of ideas, considering...

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Kingdom Abundance

October 3 2015 , Written by The Thinker

Well Today’s piece,originally had little to do with the title. The essence of this article is in the memory of that phrase(kingdom abundance) considering it acted as a stark reminder of some of the realities and facts of everyday life. Today started on...

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June 22 2015 , Written by The Thinker Published on #anti-semiticism, #Politics and Religion

"We have no scars to show for happiness, we learn so little from peace". Today I found myself thinking , "bumps and bruises , I fall I wake up , I live I learn." It is not every day that one finds himself thinking this things.Today was indeed a dark day....

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A week for the weak

April 29 2015 , Written by The Thinker Published on #Politics and Religion, #LGBT, #LAW

This week has seen so much happen in so little time. Baltimore riots triggered by the aftermath of Freddie Grays arrest and death, my newly launched business facing a court fine and interviews by a new law school and Highest on my list is the Kenyan High...

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To The Feminists from The Bible. with Love .

January 26 2014 , Written by The Thinker

If there are two things we can say about our society, It is that we are a society that hates women and children. We build child-free restaurants, abortion centers, resorts and condominiums that are child free. As some often say, “oh those chauvinists...

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My Dilemma (The Burden of Purity)

January 21 2014 , Written by The Thinker

Being a law student and bible scholar, finding a balance between examining the definite and remaining politically correct while maintaining the truth may seem a challenge. But as scholars of jurisprudence, we begin to understand the importance, of living...

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Blurred lines

January 5 2014 , Written by The Thinker

Yeah yeah . . . . I know the song, but this has nothing to do with that. It seems that somehow, we have developed a way to view integrity that in its own way suits us. Every individual even myself, has picked up a definition of living life with integrity...

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The Mandela Complex

January 3 2014 , Written by The Thinker

Now, most of us know Nelson Mandela as having been an exceptional leader, his outstanding ability to look past enemity and grudges, his constant struggle to bring love and understanding out of conflict and hatred are worth noting .We also know of some...

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Why and how we read

July 18 2012 , Written by The Thinker

Smooth jazz playing in the background and a serious urge to JUST WRITE something/ANYTHING , a couple of strangers in the room all looking desperate in their own way , a couple hacking away at their key boards and others staring hopelessly at the computer...

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