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Why and how we read

July 18 2012 , Written by The Thinker

Smooth jazz playing in the background and a serious urge to JUST WRITE something/ANYTHING , a couple of strangers in the room all looking desperate in their own way , a couple hacking away at their key boards and others staring hopelessly at the   computer screens, expressionlessy, as if waiting for it to do something amazing. This is all that surrounds me today in this little floor in the library, including you who is reading this. I am telling you this just so you can understand the context in which I speak today.

We are often so oblivious to our surrounding . . . we tend to do whatever we want whenever we want , well I know I do . So today I am out to test just how much our decisions affect those around us. I start by gently tapping the desk with my pen. I look around just to see the reactions I am getting. I can see a smile in the distance. In the other direction the man staring at his screen shifts just to find out exactly what is going on. Well I expected more attention.

If you never asked yourself how I could type and tap the table simultaneously then I did not have your full attentions, hence everything I just did had no effect at all on my surrounding. I was looking for your attention but i dint have it in full. So what did you learn from this? Well, next time a little more concentrations and thoughtful reading would be appreciated, don’t just read for the sake of it.



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Sanna Arman 08/23/2012 10:27

That was a very interesting and creative way of putting your message across!!!