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The Thinker

March 1 2012 , Written by The Thinker


To some this is just a simple sculpture. However to me it is a symbol of the nature of the human mind.  Indeed we are thinkers by nature. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we anticipate and calculate every move, whether made or not. We also think about some actions more than we think about others. Now,  I'm no psychologist but I can only logically assume this explains our tendency to never expect certain out-comes  from our actions or our quick acceptance of the same.

However by simply being thinkers we miss to fulfil our purpose as human beings. We end up either thinking too much and  not acting or too little to act. In the end we become impotent , spending a huge amount of time in sorrow, wishing we had done something.

Sorrow, however, never changes an event. It only gives us an illusion that time has stopped while the rest of the world picks up and moves on without us. If you looked into the sky , and watch the stars here are some things you might find interesting about that starlight you see. Sometimes the brightest starlight comes from stars that burnt out centuries ago. This light however reaches us way after supernova.  Now what am I getting at? I’m simply trying to say that the past does indeed continually influence the present just as the starlight lights our planets night sky way after the star burnt out . This should however never stop us from acting and forging a brighter future. supernova

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