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The solution

March 1 2012 , Written by The Thinker


This being the first article, it wouldn’t be particularly irrelevant if I communicated my intentions. If anyone would ask me why I decided to make this website, they would probably expect a long speech on the convictions and Ideals that led to the creation of this page. Sorry to disappoint but the answer lies in only one word, “Solution”. Im seeking a solution to my countries problems , but aren't we all. Definitely, what I seek  seems impossible to attain, but just because it seems so doesn’t mean I won’t try. We the younger  generations are the future and if we don’t take a step to changing some attitudes we have developed, no one else will. Now am sure you are left wondering what I mean, well, let me explain more. In many ways, most of us have stood as leaders, but only a few of us never fell from grace, some of us having to resign from those positions to preserve the integrity of those positions of power. The first time that happened to me, I had no clue why it was necessary, but with time it has become clearer that the “high” offices in the world are meant for those that can reflect the high value of this offices. Whether I wanted to resign or not was never the question, it still stood that I had to. The office is the person and if his integrity is intensely questionable , it's intensity cannot be ignored. HE MUST GO!!!!.  And on that note I head of into the second article, “THE MANDELA COMPLEX”. 

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