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The power of knowledge

March 6 2012 , Written by The Thinker




    It’s interesting how we justify our mistakes as human nature. True “man is to error” but that is no excuse for not learning from our mistakes. Now in order to learn, we must ask questions, and being human, we also have a ferocious desire to find answers to our questions. Isn’t that why we’ve remain curious cats throughout time? Why else would a majority of people run towards the sound of an explosion or a commotion while others run away from it? Just to satisfy the curiosity to know what is happening on the other side. However we shouldn’t let this curiosity turn into our own personal "towers of babel" . There is a reason we were never given all the answers at birth.  What do you think the reason is ? To challenge us? NO!!  The answers were withheld from us to humble us.

                                                     It’s true, knowledge comes from knowing the answers, but understanding the answer's true meaning is what gives us true wisdom. Men who dint understand this difference happened to be the ruin of some of the world’s greatest civilisation. Napoleons obsession with knowledge of military supremacy drove him to the edge of wars he couldn’t fight, Rameses' thirst for emporium led to the fall of Egypt, and many other “Great rulers” all had these same traits.

                                                     To some, the decision to stop searching for this answers obsessively is a sign of having given up. However that is not the issue. I figured that even when I find the answers I dint really find what I was really looking for. We face our obsessions by defeating them, sometimes its fame , popularity  others money and wealth. But even when they find all these its as good as having found nothing. We should never forget that the power of knowledge is in true understanding.

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