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The concept of learning v the concept of passing.

May 7 2012 , Written by The Thinker

My phone rang yesterday afternoon and after a couple of seconds of meaningless chit-chat with a friend, we got to serious business. Besides the jokes we usually share and the hilarious stories she always seems to have, she had a bit more than a juicy tale to share. This time, she gave me an idea that’s been ringing in my head for days now. She enlightened me on the concept of learning. Now I was quite shocked because in every way this relates to every single student I know, well besides medicine students (only because a life depends on it)


Let me cut to the chase. This is what almost every student I know does, we all read to pass. According to everyone, exams are all that matters. So in essence, it is all partying, until a couple of weeks to the exam which are precluded with endless nights and days in the library (unless they had been really struggling with the course). The end result is a decent grade to take home. That’s always been the case for me as well, only this time I figured, the concept of passing is never going to be enough for me to make a difference in life.


 So this is the concept of learning which she introduced to me. See, in our parents’ generation, universities did not simply produce graduates with mere degrees .They produced scholars with an equilibrium of skills and knowledge in different arrears not just the degrees the applied for. The reason for this is, our parents never had Google to type in searches and finish assignments in a couple of hours, and they never had telly to relax with when on campus. This only meant that they either read books or engaged in some physically or mentally constructive activity . Consequentially they learnt. .. ..

So how does ur conversation with your parents go most of the time?


You: Hi dad,

Dad: Hi, how were exams?

You: Not so good, but I managed, 

Dad: have u received your results yet, have you passed?


This instinctively nurtures you to want to pass; indeed it is a good thing because passing can be a sign of learning.  However you can pass without learning anything.  All the information you have simply gets stored in your head like a catalogue.  It is merely knowledge, and knowledge is power but power is nothing without control. Seizing control is merely learning. Take a little more time off just reading for your modules, read widely and read smart. Challenge yourself, instead of simply passing, learn more. That is the only way we can effect change greater than what our parents have achieved.

And to parents, this time, call your kid up every day and instead of asking  if they have passed , ask them, “so what have you learnt today?”

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