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My Dilemma (The Burden of Purity)

January 21 2014 , Written by The Thinker

Being a law student and bible scholar, finding a balance between examining the definite and remaining politically correct while maintaining the truth may seem a challenge. But as scholars of jurisprudence, we begin to understand the importance, of living what you preach. This article is not for the feeble minded it is for everyone.

See, herein lies a problem, we think the life we live is just a simple solvable equation. . Good deeds squared, equals heaven, give or take a few life modifications, thinking that you don’t have to live life like you just got an incarceration with ten years probation. Thinking that after a huge sin is the right time for consecration. We want to complain about the church, and how they are full of greed but we don’t want the responsibility of having to lead, because we are spiritually knocked kneed and afraid to bleed. We want to share in the joy, but never the suffering.

So Let us agree to just agree, according to scripture, not based on doctrine, or manual of Rev., Sr., Dr., Mr.  Let us agree to be expedient about being obedient and to stop using excuses. Do we not know the tree by the fruit; if you haven’t produced don’t question why you are drying up while you’re simply of no use. The sisters are saying, “We aren’t really having sex, we only almost did it, besides I know he is the one so that’s okay” and the brothers are saying “that doesn’t even count man, I didn’t even cum”. We are all painted in sin like some fleshly whores. We can’t wait for the right time, but make excuses. We aren’t really Christians, we think that by wearing the ‘jersey’ we get to perpetrate like we are on the team so it’s just the Same and figuratively jerseys have gone into mass production but we have to remember they are not all authentic. We Christians look so much like the world it’s now so hard to tell the difference.

 We have got leaders who are passive and turn their backs on God’s standards to increase the masses. Such that , there is no need to ask what the lesson is , because they are preaching non offensive messages because tax write offs and building funds are more important than finding out what heaven is. But it comes back to us, because we say we want truth, but some of us would rather be sermonised with lies to be not offended so that our egos don’t get bruised. Instead of holding up a standard, they would rather seduce, turning sanctuaries into 106 and Park in order to get the youth. Instead of calling a SIN a SIN, they are caressing the wounds, trying to make the flesh comfortable so that the church is not construed as being rude. But whose report will you believe. Christ turned down the tables and said My house is a house or prayer, but you have turned it into a den of thieves, but you have been deceived. The demons that you’re fighting won’t fall no matter how many times you blast it until your figure out that your shooting blanks and your sword is plastic, and when it is all done , then you will realise that only what you did for Christ lasted , but maybe then it will be too late.

We may not be in Iraq but we are at war, so if you are not ready to fight, what are you here for as a Christian?  Then take of that jersey because, while you are busy dancing and joking, Blood was spilt for your salvation, this battle right here was not designed for the weak, or for the ones who are so quick to yell in the street, or for the ones who never listen when He tells you to speak. So if your flesh is mad, then that is great because I was sent to upset it. I pray these words pierced and you will never forget it, and if they ask you who said it, you can say it is me, and if they still don’t comprehend it, they can go to the Father and Get it.  

Most and ideas and concepts in this article are borrowed from the P4CM Poet Janette.

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