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April 26 2012 , Written by The Thinker


Its often said  that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Interpretation ? well , its obvious, see ,if you keep moving from  place to place you cant gain anything. No experience ,no exposure, no permanence no nothing. But its such a pessimistic view to have. I like to look at things a bit differently, well momentum should be encouraged, I mean naturally its constructive. As long as we stay in motion , where will we ever get the time to gather baggage that could weigh us down when we need to increase speed ? Think of it like running through a muddy patch and walking through it, the walker ends up with a much mud on his sole, the runner , well not so much, but he gets across the mud faster and is less likely to sink in  . .

So someone once told me ,Change the way people think and you change everything . So today I'm embarking on a mission to change perception. What is your perception of africa , is every black man a, wife-beater or a war lord and every child a child soldier? I think this video will help clear things out. Be sure to check it out.



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