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Blurred lines

January 5 2014 , Written by The Thinker


Yeah yeah . . . . I know the song, but this has nothing to do with that. It seems that somehow, we have developed a way to view integrity that in its own way suits us. Every individual even myself, has picked up a definition of living life with integrity that is cut to fit himself individually. We focus so much on what affects us, and construe oppression to encompass exclusively that which surrounds us. In history I see, the black man only worry about slavery when it affected him and the Jewish man only worry about persecution when it scavenged what was left of his exile from the “promised land”. I cannot help but wonder if man is capable of true selflessness.

 I admire the Legends, but I cannot help but wonder, would Nelson Mandela be a different man had he been born of a different race. Would martin Luther King still have a dream if he was born in a different land? Do not get me wrong I admire them, this “great men”, in fact, they inspire me. For so long I have wondered where to start, what I can say about this great men, that no one else already has said. How can I exceed their excellence?  I see for once that the answer lies in true selflessness.

 I am not Gay, if anything one could call me a little homo-phobic, not that I hate them, I just fear what I don’t understand……… but, can I sympathise? Can I EMPATHISE? I am not in poverty but can I feel what they feel and fight to help them back on their feet with the little I have. I am black, but does that allow me to talk down to other black women and men saying “this is the problem with black people”. Will I spare my words to remain “politically correct” just to protect myself from the reach of “the man”? Will I keep saying “America is the problem” when we clearly act on our own. If I bought you a gun and put it in your hand, would you kill your mother because she stepped on your toe? We are blind to ourselves and that is why nothing changes.

We say as Christians, homosexuality is wrong and we shun the man along with the sin but sympathise with the adulterer and sometimes even pat him on the back, but all sexual sin is wrong. Then the homosexual cries out at this “Christian’s” hypocrisy. I argue that, it still isn’t wrong for a thief to condemn another thief for stealing, because whether a thief says “it is wrong to steal” or a saint says “it is wrong to steal”, the perception will be maintained that it is wrong. A man will shout out at a woman’s indecent dressing , and the woman will call him misogynistic, and find some way to justify her “freedom” to do whatever she wants and that vile man will use that to “justify” rape. In the end we all lush out, we react instead of acting. We are the cowards in the shadows, never reaching out to lend a hand, we stand for nothing, and we go for anything. We build the blurred lines that draw the boundaries of good and evil and we still expect to see a better tomorrow. We shout out as we watch the oppressed suffer and justify our reluctance to act as desire to learn more so we can act more efficiently.

The philanthropist gives, pretending he does it not to get. But we all know he rewards himself with a pat on the back every night. He says to himself “you honourable man, see what good you have done. Surely the world is a better place with you in it.” We have reached a point that as a result of all the bad we have seen, we have lost faith in the goodness of the human spirit, that our origin is great. The bible says we were made in God image and likeness and that in itself is testimony that our origin is greatness. I choose to take a risk because I have a dream .I desire to learn to give without wanting to receive; I desire to learn to give from the love of giving, to be selfless. I have a dream that one day, I will be truly selfless that one day I will transcend those blurred line.

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