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February 10 2017 , Written by The Thinker

Its Friday once again, yes, yes, I know its February and this happens to be the first post of the year. I guess the title will perhaps contradict the content of this post because it definitely is not a Furahi day for me. I just came from court and I am now at work and I am loaded with work, and as the intelligent , work loving diligent person I am, I am busy typing away at a blog post instead of attending my duties. Ha ha ha. Yes, that was a sad attempt at trying to be funny. 

Luckily this post will be rather short. If someone asked me last year in January if I knew how my life is going to go till my final year in school, I would have boldly answered, " I have a pretty good Idea of how my life is going to go." Funny enough I can picture the devil seated somewhere laughing thinking. . . . "oh Honey, you have no Idea what you are in for, but that is exactly what will be so fun about it don't you think?"

Well, the last year ended but not without its usual surprises and shockers. It even still did not stop there, it went beyond that and leaped up and attempted to swallow me whole. I cant say how much of a relief the long holidays have been to me, though it should be rather obvious, but it also has not come without its challenges. So as the week comes to an end, I can help but try be hopeful. I mean, I have made it this far. So go on ahead and have a wonderful furahi day. I will try have one too. God speed my learned friends.

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