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February 22 2017 , Written by The Thinker

"Leadership is character," they say. The last few days have been particularly interesting because of the enormous mental stress placed on my brain as a result of the life centered questions that I have been trying to answer. The big questions............., what happens when one dies? what will be said when I die? What is my purpose in life?..... and more so, am I living within, or working towards my purpose? Short of the spiritual purpose, which is mans purpose to Glorify God through Worship, Praise, Reverence and a gearing for his work, there is a life in the world that every christian lives and their calling is essentially to be driven in this.

When we think of leadership we think big. We think, presidency, heads of states, government, industry captains, educationists and the likes. We imagine how the people in those positions got there. We imagine an amalgam of ambition, charisma, cunning, know-how, access to money, and a gift for being in the right place at the right time. As I have come to learn, this are just superficial elements relayed by our imagination and its grandeur. 

There are also those who think one must born to lead or have a knack for it, that it is a matter of temperament and combined with experience, but they could not be further from the truth. It is not a reserve of the elite. It is the vocation not for the few but the many. From heads of state  school teachers, to house wives and health care workers, expectations are made, and these people are expected to meet these thresholds. They ought to be men and women of character and virtue and they are met with the greatest disappointment when they fail to meet the thresholds set.

The corruption scandals of our time have invariably resulted in calls for increased government oversight, reform of corporate governance and revisions of codes of ethical conduct. This things have their place but they miss the essential point. You see. ....... the perpetrators of any wrong doing invariably know that what they are doing is wrong and yet they do it anyway. This is a failure of character. The same character that Martin Luther King Junior was talking about, the content of character. 

What is the content of character? as I have read it is a set of human classical virtues above all, Magnanimity, Humility, Prudence, Courage, Self Control and justice. It also my contention that leaders either strive to grow in virtue as surely as they breathe  or they are not leaders. Life for them is a quest for personal excellence in all things, and an improvement is noted in every element. Even in the failure of character, they emerge stronger and more grounded and better. I once wrote a post and tagged a few of my friends and labelled them Geniuses with a touch of madness. I assert that even though I stand by my convocation, even geniuses loose their way for a while, and some may not find it again in time to reclaim or salvage whatever is left. I however have one addition, that it is not for the weak man to fall, but for all men, however only the strong rise and rise until lambs become lions. 

So as I admit, that in the past few days, weeks, months, years, I have fallen, Lord knows I have fallen so many times, I continue to rest my faith in the audacity of hope, and its ability through Christs sacrifice, to rescue me, to help me lift one foot above the other and once again walk from a crawl that was once a fall. See you soon, I will be running again.

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