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Standing Alone

July 29 2016 , Written by The Thinker

Standing Alone

Every day comes with new challenges, and when these challenges come before us, it suffices to say that one is limited to three options. One either faces them , flees from them, or does nothing about them. Its safe to say that often, the wise choice is facing the challenge. Whether it is by intentional silence or by taking an active role in resolving it, something must be done.

More often than not, in a culture like Kenya, doing the right thing is not always common. The prevalence of corruption in our country is evidence of this, and hence when you do the right thing while facing a challenge, you will end up standing alone and or looking foolish. Standing alone can be a very scary experience, especially if this is the first time one is doing that.In that regard recent events left me standing alone once, and I think that moment of loneliness led me to actual surrender. I realized that counting on human beings will definitely frustrate a person. God however moved on my behalf, a reminder that it was not by my effort but through him that things came into being.

Today's piece is a word of encouragement to the every day christian. In that moment, when you are fighting for something, be it a project, a vision, an agenda, be what may, remember that in God you will see the fulfillment of your vision. Even those battling sin, addictions, depression. All you have to do is maintain the right way of doing things. Keep doing things the Joseph way (Genesis 39), through thick and thin, do not compromise on your morals, and pray day and night. (Genesis 4:9) Cain was asked by God, "if you do well, shall you not be accepted". Remember, "shall not God avenge his own elect,which cry day and night unto him though he bear long with them"

Even in frustration, as a leader, one has to learn how to speak and what to say. Whatever comes out of your mind must be intended to build and reform, it shouldn't be out of anger or spite. It doesn't matter how you feel, what matters is how you communicate how you feel. When you feel that this is the truth, you do not need to have some or anyone agreeing with you. The truth remains the truth whether they accept it or reject it. I believe it is in proverbs 29:11 and 15 28 that we see "a righteous man ponders how to answer." For parents, Children and the distressed only need a few words, a lot of words may not get through to them", similarly, a gentle word scareth away harm but harsh words stir anger. As mum usually says the world listens to a sober mind.

The last thing would be that it is very important to persist and persevere. I once heard that "even the snail reached the ark through perseverance." Imagine a snail and its slow pace, as lions sprinted into the ark, as leopards sprung in, it slithered everyday until it got there.So through everything, maintain tempo. When things fail, do not quit. Sometimes we give up when we are just about to prevail. In everything however remember, "be confident in this one thing, that he that begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus" So, for us if God wont quit on you, do not give up. If need be Stand Alone in Jesus though, you are never alone.

Standing alone has its own uniqueness, courage in itself is infectious, and once you stand for the right thing, many others will stand for the right thing. Your courage is what will set the captives free, it will hold your leaders to account, it will set you as a diligent man before kings.So stand, even if it means Standing alone.

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