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July 22 2016 , Written by The Thinker


It has been a really long time since I sat down to write, and perhaps it is because usually my motivation is dependent on the very things that trigger my conscience or rile me up enough to get me to put my thought down in pen and paper. This piece is conclusively about the origin of conflict at the helm of which is “perceptions of exclusion and abuse of power causing dissatisfaction” and also conflict resolution methods that would be effective. I have always been at the fore front of diplomacy, since I consider it as being more efficient in preventing and solving conflict as against activism. However in the recent years, it seems to me that the only way to get the attention of anyone in power, the only way to trigger their conscience, is to actively rally enough equally dissatisfied persons in front of their office for them to see just how much damage their actions have been doing. This has cultivated a “haki yetu” movement so strong almost equivalent to a mafia of sorts, and only interests of the influential and powerful can be moved even in this platforms designed to campaign for the weak. Mnyonge ana haki Kweli ?

Any Administration/Government business or institution that cultivates an environment where the rights of any individual cannot be vindicated fairly as against another without public intervention and “mass action” has set itself up for failure from crippling conflicts that will arise as a result. This has been the case in almost every institution that I have been to in Kenya, from the traffic courts at Millimani, to the police station, to the University I am in. I could almost even allude without any evidence that this is the reason our high schools are burning at such a high rate.Perhaps it is in ignorance that these injustices occur under our watch, and so often we are so slow to move to action. We never become involved until the matter touches our very person. Even where we act, we do ‘oh so little’ which allows for a system that can punish any person who cries wolf on account of administrative action rather than taking their pleadings with the seriousness they deserve and addressing the urgent nature of some of those matter.

I guess, that is why today I join an old friend in “ranting”. Ms Sanna Yasir, has been very outspoken on so many injustices that face our world, and at times I compared her to Malcom X in her campaign as compared to Martin Luther king since I always found her stand so hard lined, and in my perception almost radical. I will not stay silent, yaani sita kaa kimya, mnyonge akiumizwa mbele yangu. As a famous artiste said, sitasimama maovu yakitawala.

So , yes, YOU who pays bribes to get out of traffic offences, as a law student I will come at you viscously. YOU who receive bribes, I will not sit silently even if it costs me my life. Because, the way the police receives bribes at a traffic stop, is the way he will receive a bribe to cover up my murder. Everything you do not take action against, will come back to bite you in the back, so do not sit silent. I have realized that peaceful posts on social media are not enough. Sometimes it takes mobilization, it takes sleepless nights and sacrifices that are hard, and it sometimes becomes a lonely road, but I will not give up.

Even in elections, at one point, I thought that going to cast my vote was enough. In a student university election, I stood in support of a candidate whose very success would have meant changes that would have given us a dream promised to all persons at the point of birth, equal opportunities, and a voice for the voiceless. My vote though, was not enough, and since all I did was, simply voting, I surrendered the government of the institution to a bias people. In that regard, I should begin by apologizing to all who have been affected by my choosing not to be actively involved in marketing the candidate and giving her as much exposure as she needed. I guess though a little late, a lot can be done and the onus is on me, it is on us all. So join me today. Mimi sitakaa kimya tena.

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