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Genius with a touch of madness.

June 5 2016 , Written by The Thinker

So halfway through the first draft of this post, I pressed the back button online and it just set me back on two hours of very good writing . . . . at least I think it was great writing. Well, here is a second attempt. Yesterday was a bizarre day; I left the house without a wallet or any cash and or Identification documents. I survived the day, considering it wasn’t the best day of the week for me. I spent the day with the old man and it was such a wonderful learning opportunity.

The day was characterized by…uuuhm…… what I can sort of call an evaluation of self and character. Dr. Old man attempted to explain to me what he considered a coping mechanism for some of the greatest men on the planet. I quote, “some have gone through depression as far as to the point of attempting suicide, and others have experienced manic highs to the point of almost self harm.” He argued that great leaders have an emotional cycle that so closely borders insanity, that allows them to function excellently in the role of leadership. Considering that I believe my greatest ambition in life is to inspire confidence in others around me, that they remain. I aspire to inspire them to join me in undertaking ‘greater that life feats’.

First we began to analyze the basic life style and scenarios that may present themselves before the average leader. Right from day one, when they are seen as a different cloth among the rags, their calling begins to put a spot light on them. Those around them may then feel they are undeserving of that favour or could also possibly join them in support. They may have to contest against other equally favorable candidates and face the possibility of losing. When they experience a loss, it is hard to imagine the rollercoaster of emotions they ride. It takes a strong character to survive that turmoil that a leader experiences, to come through chaos untouched.

Great leaders tend to be emotional, and at times it may take quite a while for some to learn how to control, deal or cope with their emotions without causing a little fracas. This somehow often tends to put them in the spot light, for both good and or bad reason. So examine if you like the two major parts, depression and Mania. Depression serves as thinking time for them, they brood over their mistakes and self evaluate. They may become irritable during this stage and remain secluded and or silent some to the point of suicide or bitterness. During this phase, little is done but a lot of reflection takes place, rebirth occurs and their character is recreated and gutted to make a stronger being. The second phase is Mania, during this phase, they become active and take action and push for their ideas. They work with a single goal in mind: realizing the dream. At this stage it’s a simple issue that they will not be stopped by enemy of friend, you either join them of get out of their way. I would like to pay tribute to two characters I know, Lemuel Abishua , and Chrispine Marvine because they harness this phases a little too well. They are probably all in their compulsive mania phase at the moment.

So too all those who know me, and consider me erratic, and sometimes quite withdrawn, now you know why. I like to think, I am among the few greats, that I am a genius with a touch or madness, this is not to say that I am better than the next man. It is however assumable that I want what I want more than the next man wants it, so I will always get it , and I am often more willing to battle it out to get it. I am in that sense a genius with a touch of madness.

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