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Overcoming the Hurdles of life

May 5 2016 , Written by The Thinker

It really is a surprise that the first post of this year (2016) is coming up all the way in May. I cant help but notice that it has probably been five months. I had plenty of articles in the oven but I think this will be the most relevant or well baked post. School opens on Monday, and it seems like it has already started. As usual, the drama surrounding politics never ceases to follow me. Today I choose to look at that drama as a simple hurdle of life that I have refused to cross for a long time now. So today my response is simple its a letter to a friend.

Dear Friend,

I have often tried stepping back from conflict and I believe it has perhaps given those around me the idea that I am easy to push around. The circumstances surrounding the conflicts are also often so distorted that it sometimes seems to most that I am power hungry, and it is that particular attitude that I would love to address today.I acknowledge that when I was down, you were the backbone of support that picked me up, and I may never say this enough , but Thank You.

Take it from me that, I do fear, especially when there is a reason to be afraid, but the evidence of strong character isn't in the "not being afraid" it is in the overcoming of fear, that one portrays bravery. There is no courage without fear, and it is on that basis that I claim that courage will one day be my forte. I like to think, that even during battles it is always wise to choose the wars you fight, so that you can emerge victorious and while it is often tempting to me to engage in a war of words, I have learned better.

In all honesty though, there are certain things that people expect of me but are not in my character, one of them is sucker punches, I am not one to continue kicking when an opponent has fallen down or one to betray my friends. Even where they may feel I did so, I can only try assure them that it came from a well meaning place. Consequently, I would never attempt to put an enemy, let alone a friend in a position that I know has been extremely painful to me. So yes, having had an attempted impeachment that resulted in my resignation from positions of leadership, i would never put any friend of mine in that position. We may have our differences, but that will never make me view anyone as an enemy. So forgive my strategy if it was too confrontational. I was merely seeking your support and would still appreciate it if you lent it. However you should stop being too suspicious of everyone around you, no one is out to get you. Just look around.

Yours Sincerely

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