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The Illusion of friendship

November 16 2015 , Written by The Thinker Published on #Philosophy

Today marks one of the many days I come across phrases that are so true that they make me wish I thought of them first. Last week s conclusion saw me pass a resolution that I would do what was exclusively in my best interests, with some exceptions of course, probably because in law there is almost always an exception to any rule. This resulted in a small conflict that escalated so fast, but I couldn't help but be like “Aaargh whatever". I finally got to read an article which allowed me guide my emotions to the right place. Find attached the link to the article (http://everything2.com/title/Illusion+of+Friendship) I had just begun working on this article when I thought, perhaps someone has a different take on this particular topic so I keyed it into the Google search box. The cool phrase I came across was, 'WE ARE BORN ALONE, WE LIVE ALONE, WE DIE ALONE,ONLY THROUGH OUR LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP CAN WE CREATE THE ILLUSION FOR THE MOMENT THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE'

Isn't it just so true? Well, here goes, often times our consequences affect us primarily , because all other parties can choose to act in a manner that will ensure they are not in any way affected by the choices we make. This doesn't free us from our obligations to them though, since we are still obliged to ensure that we work to the best of our abilities to ensure the parties are better placed to function well.

However, for every friend I have had who betrayed me, I have two who have stood by me no matter what. I therefore like to think that to me, friendship is not an illusion. It is sustained and though it may hurt finding out who your true friends are, you are never absent of friends. For the Christians, always remember Christ is your friend.

Today I want to make sure my friends remember, that I did not tire and will not tire in maintaining my friendship with them, perhaps in time the friendships will be restored in the places where they have waned. The broken trust, the times I have been absent in times of need, may I learn to come through for them when they need me most. I remember the times they have been there for me. Ms Mako, Mr Giwa, Mr Aswani, Ms Halakhu, Mr Bhavesh, Ms Kerubo, Ms Yasir, and most of all Ms Wangoi. I love you all so much.

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