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June 22 2015 , Written by The Thinker Published on #anti-semiticism, #Politics and Religion

"We have no scars to show for happiness, we learn so little from peace". Today I found myself thinking , "bumps and bruises , I fall I wake up , I live I learn." It is not every day that one finds himself thinking this things.Today was indeed a dark day. Today, I experienced hostility of a peculiar nature. From men and women who profess religion and on a holy day, break all the vows of that religion, bearing false witness, deception, and to be honest , it reminded me of a sorry state of affairs. It is Ramadan, oh yes it is, but why then would men known for the strict observance of their religious rituals departs so willingly from the ways they consider righteous.Why is it that in this day and age, the Muslim finds himself gullible, to the whims of blood lust, why does he answer the call to war and blood letting. It fed a prejudice that had found its seed slowly finding soil and taking root in my mind. A prejudice so dangerous, that it reminded me of the red scare, whispers of anti-antisemitism, I could feel the burn of the noose that hung the black man on trees across Mississippi all the way across the great states of America and I shuddered. I shuddered at the thought that perhaps we have spent so much time in peace we have forgotten the price that was paid to achieve it , that we take it all for granted. It reminded me of fear, mans worst enemy.

I thought ,perhaps there is no saving this man, this wretched soul, that denies another man his humanity and says he is the only one deserving human. "God sent" That is how he sees himself. I think that sometimes the almighty sits and laughs at us, because he created us to serve him and rather than serve him, we spend our time fighting about which way is the right way to serve him. We dwell on the trivial. I, for a moment despised him so much, I despised him so much that I almost became him, full of so much hate, just like he was . We are all afraid to talk about the injustice we face, forgetting that exclusion is the source of conflict, and so I fought , fought that desire to hung on. Fought so that I could let go of that bitterness and in letting go , I let go of so more than just my desires. I was free, my hands were free to embrace the voice of reason, today. I was reminded that I am human, that I have unlimited potential, for both good and bad. Everyone of us goes through this experience , day by day. You sit in a matatu beside someone else and your experience with them forges your perception of others, even more so if it was bad. The Somali who stepped on your shoe and never bothered to say sorry. For every one of those , there are ten other ones who would have knelt down and wiped your shoes and apologized. The Muslim who called you names , for every one of those , there are ten who would have turned a cheek. I refused to loose faith in humanity. I refuse to stop believing, to stop believing in power of the goodness of human nature, the capacity for mankind to fight on for the betterment of others and not just himself. I now believe that in the event that I lost myself in viscous thought, I should have surrounded myself with people who will never tire in their effort to pull me back.

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Hellen 06/24/2015 07:48

You are on point . Your desire and your stand is what is bount to save humanity.