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July 2 2017 , Written by The Thinker

Five hours , yes........ five hours is all it took to go through twenty five years of life, and halfway through the five hours, it seemed like I had nothing to show for it. Today is a Sunday and in a few hours, I will have to wake up and take a shower and leave, and yet , I am typing away at 2:14 in the morning. Yes, I have not slept, and yes I probably will not have slept even then, but the thoughts in my mind are too important to be allowed to vanish into the world of dreams where they may never return unless they find that subconscious tunnel back to the mind. 

So here is a story of 25 years scripted into five hours of thought. How many more months to December? I ask myself. . . .  I need this year to end. Like all the others, maybe something new will be waiting at the other side of the 2017 page. I would love to leave the rest of the days of this year blank. Just the way I used to skip the pages of my exercise books when I had not finished copying the notes I was meant to write while in  primary school. I want to postpone time, to a time when I am older and wiser and come back and live this year later. But there is no short cut like that in life though. You just have to play the hand that the dealer tables, and oh so often its a bad hand. As it stands, I cannot see a future that seems bright, but deep down, I know I could not see today ten years ago, so maybe there is something good in store.

 I pick up the blade and think, it can not be that painful. In 'thirteen reasons why', it seemed so grim, but if she could do it on both of her hands, then I can too. Well, so go ahead .. .. .. .. then I think, well, that is not really a pause , that is a full stop to this story and what I need is a blank space. An unwritten space, so that I can come back and finish my story. 

Mum is in the next room, in the morning she will wake up to such a mess. NO, I cant do it from my bed, I cant have her clean up after me again, not on my last day. So I walk to the bathroom, its small, the tiles cover the wall like a grocery bag on oily chicken, as if it was meant just for that,keeping the mess away. The mess wont be so much here and even if it is, its cleanable. But Mum is sick, maybe my death will be hers too. She is fragile, too fragile perhaps. Maybe I need to soften the blow, I need to vanish, and do it somewhere, and give her some hope that I may be alive , long enough for her to come to terms with the fact that I may yet be no more. 

I can picture her now, with a baby in her arms, as hairy as she says I was when I was born. The plans she had for me. And just how everything has turned out . She is no longer the lady she was then. Now , she stands tall. A Mother, a Father and a friend. But noooo. ... ... not the kind of friend you tell that you want it to stop. That you wish for a moment, the world would stand still. So I close my eyes, and tears roll down my eyes. What if I do not succeed. Can I live with those consequences. You know, I care too much about what people think. One mistake , just one, and everything crumbles. Life . . . . you are too brittle, too fragile too. . . It takes a genius to balance you on a spoon and not break you. 

So where did all this start. To be honest, I do not know. An adult has very little memory of what it felt like to be a child, maybe that is what it means to grow up. You leave everything behind. The worry sets back in, I look at my peers and think, well, See how far they have gone, I will never get there. I have been left behind. It is all over now. So let me just end it. 

Then a sad little reminder of the world comes through. They do not have it together too Young man. They do not. They seem to have it together , but you can see it in their eyes. They have nothing, just like you. They are just better than you at hiding it. To be honest, I do not know if that is true, but I hope it is true. How pathetic, I am now wishing misery on everyone. On everything. 

But simple questions still linger in my mind. You see, I am in  a house right now, my mothers house, and I am in university. I am finishing my degree, this is not my first attempt, but I still know, that I never ever dreamed of it. So , should I wait just a little longer and things will get better? 

I think again, about every one. Every person that has ever written me off. I think of the ones who have just written me off, and I am angry, so angry that I think I would drive a knife in their backs, long enough for them to feel the pain before their breath leaves their bodies. How many wrote me off, and where am I right now? I drop the blade, and walk back to bed. Its over now. I tell myself. Its over. . . . Its done, let me face whatever is coming. 

I do not want to face tomorrow. God knows I would rather not, but a wise woman said , that even when you do not want to , you just do. So now, I start. I just do. I will keep on doing until it is all done. Then I will see who will be laughing then. Time, is a friend and time . . . is on my side this time. So dear world, I challenge you again, bring on your worst and I will pick up that blade again and rip you to shreds. You can not have me now and you will never have me tomorrow. 

Look at all those who dared defy me, not by my power or by my might, they have nothing to say now. So woe unto you who write me off. You have not seen the last of me yet. One to 25 I am still walking on, I can see 26 clearly. This time, it will not slip away. 


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February 22 2017 , Written by The Thinker

"Leadership is character," they say. The last few days have been particularly interesting because of the enormous mental stress placed on my brain as a result of the life centered questions that I have been trying to answer. The big questions............., what happens when one dies? what will be said when I die? What is my purpose in life?..... and more so, am I living within, or working towards my purpose? Short of the spiritual purpose, which is mans purpose to Glorify God through Worship, Praise, Reverence and a gearing for his work, there is a life in the world that every christian lives and their calling is essentially to be driven in this.

When we think of leadership we think big. We think, presidency, heads of states, government, industry captains, educationists and the likes. We imagine how the people in those positions got there. We imagine an amalgam of ambition, charisma, cunning, know-how, access to money, and a gift for being in the right place at the right time. As I have come to learn, this are just superficial elements relayed by our imagination and its grandeur. 

There are also those who think one must born to lead or have a knack for it, that it is a matter of temperament and combined with experience, but they could not be further from the truth. It is not a reserve of the elite. It is the vocation not for the few but the many. From heads of state  school teachers, to house wives and health care workers, expectations are made, and these people are expected to meet these thresholds. They ought to be men and women of character and virtue and they are met with the greatest disappointment when they fail to meet the thresholds set.

The corruption scandals of our time have invariably resulted in calls for increased government oversight, reform of corporate governance and revisions of codes of ethical conduct. This things have their place but they miss the essential point. You see. ....... the perpetrators of any wrong doing invariably know that what they are doing is wrong and yet they do it anyway. This is a failure of character. The same character that Martin Luther King Junior was talking about, the content of character. 

What is the content of character? as I have read it is a set of human classical virtues above all, Magnanimity, Humility, Prudence, Courage, Self Control and justice. It also my contention that leaders either strive to grow in virtue as surely as they breathe  or they are not leaders. Life for them is a quest for personal excellence in all things, and an improvement is noted in every element. Even in the failure of character, they emerge stronger and more grounded and better. I once wrote a post and tagged a few of my friends and labelled them Geniuses with a touch of madness. I assert that even though I stand by my convocation, even geniuses loose their way for a while, and some may not find it again in time to reclaim or salvage whatever is left. I however have one addition, that it is not for the weak man to fall, but for all men, however only the strong rise and rise until lambs become lions. 

So as I admit, that in the past few days, weeks, months, years, I have fallen, Lord knows I have fallen so many times, I continue to rest my faith in the audacity of hope, and its ability through Christs sacrifice, to rescue me, to help me lift one foot above the other and once again walk from a crawl that was once a fall. See you soon, I will be running again.

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February 10 2017 , Written by The Thinker

Its Friday once again, yes, yes, I know its February and this happens to be the first post of the year. I guess the title will perhaps contradict the content of this post because it definitely is not a Furahi day for me. I just came from court and I am now at work and I am loaded with work, and as the intelligent , work loving diligent person I am, I am busy typing away at a blog post instead of attending my duties. Ha ha ha. Yes, that was a sad attempt at trying to be funny. 

Luckily this post will be rather short. If someone asked me last year in January if I knew how my life is going to go till my final year in school, I would have boldly answered, " I have a pretty good Idea of how my life is going to go." Funny enough I can picture the devil seated somewhere laughing thinking. . . . "oh Honey, you have no Idea what you are in for, but that is exactly what will be so fun about it don't you think?"

Well, the last year ended but not without its usual surprises and shockers. It even still did not stop there, it went beyond that and leaped up and attempted to swallow me whole. I cant say how much of a relief the long holidays have been to me, though it should be rather obvious, but it also has not come without its challenges. So as the week comes to an end, I can help but try be hopeful. I mean, I have made it this far. So go on ahead and have a wonderful furahi day. I will try have one too. God speed my learned friends.

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Standing Alone

July 29 2016 , Written by The Thinker

Standing Alone

Every day comes with new challenges, and when these challenges come before us, it suffices to say that one is limited to three options. One either faces them , flees from them, or does nothing about them. Its safe to say that often, the wise choice is facing the challenge. Whether it is by intentional silence or by taking an active role in resolving it, something must be done.

More often than not, in a culture like Kenya, doing the right thing is not always common. The prevalence of corruption in our country is evidence of this, and hence when you do the right thing while facing a challenge, you will end up standing alone and or looking foolish. Standing alone can be a very scary experience, especially if this is the first time one is doing that.In that regard recent events left me standing alone once, and I think that moment of loneliness led me to actual surrender. I realized that counting on human beings will definitely frustrate a person. God however moved on my behalf, a reminder that it was not by my effort but through him that things came into being.

Today's piece is a word of encouragement to the every day christian. In that moment, when you are fighting for something, be it a project, a vision, an agenda, be what may, remember that in God you will see the fulfillment of your vision. Even those battling sin, addictions, depression. All you have to do is maintain the right way of doing things. Keep doing things the Joseph way (Genesis 39), through thick and thin, do not compromise on your morals, and pray day and night. (Genesis 4:9) Cain was asked by God, "if you do well, shall you not be accepted". Remember, "shall not God avenge his own elect,which cry day and night unto him though he bear long with them"

Even in frustration, as a leader, one has to learn how to speak and what to say. Whatever comes out of your mind must be intended to build and reform, it shouldn't be out of anger or spite. It doesn't matter how you feel, what matters is how you communicate how you feel. When you feel that this is the truth, you do not need to have some or anyone agreeing with you. The truth remains the truth whether they accept it or reject it. I believe it is in proverbs 29:11 and 15 28 that we see "a righteous man ponders how to answer." For parents, Children and the distressed only need a few words, a lot of words may not get through to them", similarly, a gentle word scareth away harm but harsh words stir anger. As mum usually says the world listens to a sober mind.

The last thing would be that it is very important to persist and persevere. I once heard that "even the snail reached the ark through perseverance." Imagine a snail and its slow pace, as lions sprinted into the ark, as leopards sprung in, it slithered everyday until it got there.So through everything, maintain tempo. When things fail, do not quit. Sometimes we give up when we are just about to prevail. In everything however remember, "be confident in this one thing, that he that begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus" So, for us if God wont quit on you, do not give up. If need be Stand Alone in Jesus though, you are never alone.

Standing alone has its own uniqueness, courage in itself is infectious, and once you stand for the right thing, many others will stand for the right thing. Your courage is what will set the captives free, it will hold your leaders to account, it will set you as a diligent man before kings.So stand, even if it means Standing alone.

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July 22 2016 , Written by The Thinker


It has been a really long time since I sat down to write, and perhaps it is because usually my motivation is dependent on the very things that trigger my conscience or rile me up enough to get me to put my thought down in pen and paper. This piece is conclusively about the origin of conflict at the helm of which is “perceptions of exclusion and abuse of power causing dissatisfaction” and also conflict resolution methods that would be effective. I have always been at the fore front of diplomacy, since I consider it as being more efficient in preventing and solving conflict as against activism. However in the recent years, it seems to me that the only way to get the attention of anyone in power, the only way to trigger their conscience, is to actively rally enough equally dissatisfied persons in front of their office for them to see just how much damage their actions have been doing. This has cultivated a “haki yetu” movement so strong almost equivalent to a mafia of sorts, and only interests of the influential and powerful can be moved even in this platforms designed to campaign for the weak. Mnyonge ana haki Kweli ?

Any Administration/Government business or institution that cultivates an environment where the rights of any individual cannot be vindicated fairly as against another without public intervention and “mass action” has set itself up for failure from crippling conflicts that will arise as a result. This has been the case in almost every institution that I have been to in Kenya, from the traffic courts at Millimani, to the police station, to the University I am in. I could almost even allude without any evidence that this is the reason our high schools are burning at such a high rate.Perhaps it is in ignorance that these injustices occur under our watch, and so often we are so slow to move to action. We never become involved until the matter touches our very person. Even where we act, we do ‘oh so little’ which allows for a system that can punish any person who cries wolf on account of administrative action rather than taking their pleadings with the seriousness they deserve and addressing the urgent nature of some of those matter.

I guess, that is why today I join an old friend in “ranting”. Ms Sanna Yasir, has been very outspoken on so many injustices that face our world, and at times I compared her to Malcom X in her campaign as compared to Martin Luther king since I always found her stand so hard lined, and in my perception almost radical. I will not stay silent, yaani sita kaa kimya, mnyonge akiumizwa mbele yangu. As a famous artiste said, sitasimama maovu yakitawala.

So , yes, YOU who pays bribes to get out of traffic offences, as a law student I will come at you viscously. YOU who receive bribes, I will not sit silently even if it costs me my life. Because, the way the police receives bribes at a traffic stop, is the way he will receive a bribe to cover up my murder. Everything you do not take action against, will come back to bite you in the back, so do not sit silent. I have realized that peaceful posts on social media are not enough. Sometimes it takes mobilization, it takes sleepless nights and sacrifices that are hard, and it sometimes becomes a lonely road, but I will not give up.

Even in elections, at one point, I thought that going to cast my vote was enough. In a student university election, I stood in support of a candidate whose very success would have meant changes that would have given us a dream promised to all persons at the point of birth, equal opportunities, and a voice for the voiceless. My vote though, was not enough, and since all I did was, simply voting, I surrendered the government of the institution to a bias people. In that regard, I should begin by apologizing to all who have been affected by my choosing not to be actively involved in marketing the candidate and giving her as much exposure as she needed. I guess though a little late, a lot can be done and the onus is on me, it is on us all. So join me today. Mimi sitakaa kimya tena.

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The Africa I knew

June 10 2016 , Written by The Thinker Published on #anti-Misandry, #Feminism, #africa

The Africa I knew

I remember, a time when I was young and innocent of worry. (I hope that statement makes it clear enough that worry can defile you.) I cared about nothing, enjoying each moments as it came. I remember when I had time to admire Mother Nature, and rather than nursing time, I found that, time was a nurse to me. I remember like a distant memory, so definite and yet so uncertain. Though the memory has faded, it is not completely foreign that before I came of age, I knew nothing of the sexes and gender and that it would mean something to me one day. Yes I never wore a skirt but I saw no difference but in the abstract between myself and the ones that wore one. Its length mattered not in the slightest neither its fixtures. In my naivety I lacked a sense of moral importance; it was neither my place nor my portion to define to another they have done, or who they were trying to be was not right. So who erected that barrier and when was it erected.

I have perhaps said it so many times that I am not a feminist, in this day and age it seems impossible to find a man who is one. Perhaps it’s a stark reflection of the aggression men are continually facing, the battle between misogyny and Misandry.

“Her brand of feminism is just poorly disguised misandry”, so say the men that stand before her, since she wields a dagger, not to cut off the shackle of patriarchy but simply because she aims to behead them all. So its no longer a battle for freedom , it’s a war, a war turned massacre since her attackers turned tail and fled the moment she raised her head, and she pursued them like a dog , nipping at their heels, rabid in desire to let none escape alive. She placed on them the shackles they placed on her.

Yes, I know I am poking an eye or two, I’m sure the reader has glanced back at the articles title to really confirm what I am writing about. Yes, I am writing about the Africa I knew. Nothing has changed much now. From the first time I came of age, till now, shackles simply change hands. The colonizers fled but we shackled ourselves with foreign ideas, looked to them for the panacea to heal it all.

“I just admitted that there was a patriarchal tyranny, but her focus will not be on the solution I propose but on the fact that I pointed a finger at her again, yes, they know her as the radical. To her, it was no longer that men and women are equal but that women are better than being men. My finger is like a bee sting in her eye, because it has forced her to face the mirror and look at the demon she has become, the very demon she has so fervently fought.”
The Africa before the one I knew is apparently the cradle of mankind, where man found himself at one with nature. His innovation was autochthonous, suited for himself and his environment, not a carbon copy of his neighbor. A multitude of cultures and languages that had no translated equivalent for “Mine”, stood provokingly, laughing at the world for thinking them savage.

I do not miss the Africa I knew, I long for the Africa that was. An Africa at peace with itself, an Africa confident, and Africa jealous enough to push back intruder who come to greedily scramble for her wealth, and welcome those who peaceably present themselves before her majesty. I long for an Africa that knows that she is at the top to begin with, not the one who has to heed a call to arise like she has fallen.

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Genius with a touch of madness.

June 5 2016 , Written by The Thinker

So halfway through the first draft of this post, I pressed the back button online and it just set me back on two hours of very good writing . . . . at least I think it was great writing. Well, here is a second attempt. Yesterday was a bizarre day; I left the house without a wallet or any cash and or Identification documents. I survived the day, considering it wasn’t the best day of the week for me. I spent the day with the old man and it was such a wonderful learning opportunity.

The day was characterized by…uuuhm…… what I can sort of call an evaluation of self and character. Dr. Old man attempted to explain to me what he considered a coping mechanism for some of the greatest men on the planet. I quote, “some have gone through depression as far as to the point of attempting suicide, and others have experienced manic highs to the point of almost self harm.” He argued that great leaders have an emotional cycle that so closely borders insanity, that allows them to function excellently in the role of leadership. Considering that I believe my greatest ambition in life is to inspire confidence in others around me, that they remain. I aspire to inspire them to join me in undertaking ‘greater that life feats’.

First we began to analyze the basic life style and scenarios that may present themselves before the average leader. Right from day one, when they are seen as a different cloth among the rags, their calling begins to put a spot light on them. Those around them may then feel they are undeserving of that favour or could also possibly join them in support. They may have to contest against other equally favorable candidates and face the possibility of losing. When they experience a loss, it is hard to imagine the rollercoaster of emotions they ride. It takes a strong character to survive that turmoil that a leader experiences, to come through chaos untouched.

Great leaders tend to be emotional, and at times it may take quite a while for some to learn how to control, deal or cope with their emotions without causing a little fracas. This somehow often tends to put them in the spot light, for both good and or bad reason. So examine if you like the two major parts, depression and Mania. Depression serves as thinking time for them, they brood over their mistakes and self evaluate. They may become irritable during this stage and remain secluded and or silent some to the point of suicide or bitterness. During this phase, little is done but a lot of reflection takes place, rebirth occurs and their character is recreated and gutted to make a stronger being. The second phase is Mania, during this phase, they become active and take action and push for their ideas. They work with a single goal in mind: realizing the dream. At this stage it’s a simple issue that they will not be stopped by enemy of friend, you either join them of get out of their way. I would like to pay tribute to two characters I know, Lemuel Abishua , and Chrispine Marvine because they harness this phases a little too well. They are probably all in their compulsive mania phase at the moment.

So too all those who know me, and consider me erratic, and sometimes quite withdrawn, now you know why. I like to think, I am among the few greats, that I am a genius with a touch or madness, this is not to say that I am better than the next man. It is however assumable that I want what I want more than the next man wants it, so I will always get it , and I am often more willing to battle it out to get it. I am in that sense a genius with a touch of madness.

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May 30 2016 , Written by The Thinker

When it comes to honesty, most people rank it quite high on their character value scales. Honesty is the best policy, is something so often said, and even more so believed to be true. In all things though, Is honesty ever the right thing to do. Most may take the absolutist approach, especially when it comes to relationships and matters religion (A lie, is a sinners mark). So, is there ever a situation where lying is the right thing to do. Well I guess I should start by trying to analyse why anyone would be prompted to lie in the first place.

'If you loved me you would not have lied to me in the first place", scornful and heart broken, she paces about, the glassy frames of trust have been broken, and in a bizarre way, it is an experience that is pushing her to the brink of insanity.'

Dishonesty, in any manner of ways is the most painful experience anyone can experience in a relationship. Even when both partners have been dishonest with each other, it still hurts nonetheless. Just how much can you do to spare your loved ones from the pain of the truth if you have experienced it yourself and wouldn't want anyone else to experience it. Some may argue that you shouldn't have even been in a situation that made you have to lie in the first place, but lets move past that, the damage has been done, what can be done next.

'Desperation sets in, he is tongue tied .......... at a loss for words, this really isn't how he wanted her to find out. Its too late now though. Even if he said he wanted to tell her and was just waiting for the right time there is no way for him to prove it.'

So now the damage is done, is it guilt that will prompt him to lie even more about the "incident", or is it his love for her. In times like this, with adrenaline in plenty, it is hard to think wisely under pressure, maybe its the circumstances that have prompted the lie he will tell.

'He bites his tongue, breathes in, and lies through his teeth. 'All will be well me love', he says reassuringly, shifting his gaze and looking away in shame. 'I really do not think I am good for you', the thought dashes through his mind, it has lingered there before but somehow he managed to shove it out.He really wants her to believe in him, she is his beacon of hope and he will do anything to keep her.Yes, he will do ANYTHING to make it all better for her. Sometimes, he thinks, maybe if I died, she wont have to go through all this drama. He has no self control, and he really has tried to attain that wildly sought for virtue. It is not going too well for her, she is broken, with pent up anger from all his misdeeds, she is finding it difficult to forgive.'

So now I pose this question, Is there ever a right time to lie? I guess the title of this article sort of presents itself as though it will provide a set of scenarios where it could be said that lying is the right thing. That wasn't however the objective I had when I set out to write this piece, as usual, I'm just think out aloud, after all, I am a thinker, I guess mine was just an attempt to provide closure to those who have faced a liar. There is no black and white, no one is good or bad by virtue of lying, there is no grey either, analyse each circumstance, and If you are prayerful, pray and fast. That is the only advice I can give, since dishonesty is a mountain that one cannot climb without innate grace and faith and a yearning for the good life, a mountain one cannot climb without a foundation of forgiveness.

As you read, consider this, "your neighbor is from a different tribe, and during elections, political violence has motivated ethnic cleansing. You take them in and hide them. A rumor goes round and a gang comes knocking on your door, "are you hiding this insolent fools?", think hard think fast , what would your answer be? There you have it, is there ever a right time to lie

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Overcoming the Hurdles of life

May 5 2016 , Written by The Thinker

It really is a surprise that the first post of this year (2016) is coming up all the way in May. I cant help but notice that it has probably been five months. I had plenty of articles in the oven but I think this will be the most relevant or well baked post. School opens on Monday, and it seems like it has already started. As usual, the drama surrounding politics never ceases to follow me. Today I choose to look at that drama as a simple hurdle of life that I have refused to cross for a long time now. So today my response is simple its a letter to a friend.

Dear Friend,

I have often tried stepping back from conflict and I believe it has perhaps given those around me the idea that I am easy to push around. The circumstances surrounding the conflicts are also often so distorted that it sometimes seems to most that I am power hungry, and it is that particular attitude that I would love to address today.I acknowledge that when I was down, you were the backbone of support that picked me up, and I may never say this enough , but Thank You.

Take it from me that, I do fear, especially when there is a reason to be afraid, but the evidence of strong character isn't in the "not being afraid" it is in the overcoming of fear, that one portrays bravery. There is no courage without fear, and it is on that basis that I claim that courage will one day be my forte. I like to think, that even during battles it is always wise to choose the wars you fight, so that you can emerge victorious and while it is often tempting to me to engage in a war of words, I have learned better.

In all honesty though, there are certain things that people expect of me but are not in my character, one of them is sucker punches, I am not one to continue kicking when an opponent has fallen down or one to betray my friends. Even where they may feel I did so, I can only try assure them that it came from a well meaning place. Consequently, I would never attempt to put an enemy, let alone a friend in a position that I know has been extremely painful to me. So yes, having had an attempted impeachment that resulted in my resignation from positions of leadership, i would never put any friend of mine in that position. We may have our differences, but that will never make me view anyone as an enemy. So forgive my strategy if it was too confrontational. I was merely seeking your support and would still appreciate it if you lent it. However you should stop being too suspicious of everyone around you, no one is out to get you. Just look around.

Yours Sincerely

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December 3 2015 , Written by The Thinker Published on #LAW

It has been a long while since I last drafted an article aimed at academics in law school. While In the UK I can hardly remember doing any graded work in groups while at university. This consequently led to the belief that, it was not a necessary or essential skill for me to have, even though I still endeavored to have it. I was therefore under an illusion of sorts that it would not be important. Every law school has developed a curriculum different from other law schools coming before it; in a bid to create unique traits in the graduates to whom it awards degrees during congregations. Riara University is one such institution. It has come under heavy criticism, perhaps from those that are jealous of the incredible reputation it has developed in such a short span of time.

I interviewed for places at all institutions in Kenya that have a reputation in the legal practice including The University of Nairobi, which does not conduct face to face interviews with the candidates it enrolls and to be honest, I can go on record as not having been impressed by the conversations or qualifications held by most of them. A university with faculty that lacks ambition is no different a ship that lacks a sail and expects the winds of the sea to propel It forward. All this institutions may have a faculty that is ambitious but none is as ambitious and as boisterous as the Riara University School Of Law. The Vision of the future that these mentors continually impart in us is just insurmountable (for lack of a better word). This Vision is the perfect balance of Idealism and Realism. But that is all beside the point.

One of the new Ideas that the Riara University Curriculum embeds in its candidates is a capacity for group work. We receive a gradable portion of work in each course unit we take, which is to be undertaken as group work. Just how practical is this though. It is tiring and hectic working in a group. Either, one group member leeches off of the others and contributes next to nothing. In the contrast an over ambitious team member may want to do all the work on his own and pass it on as group work. However, as time passes on, the members all realize that there is an inevitable need for all to equally contribute to the work. The sight of many surpasses the sight of a few. Why is group work important though?

If, as a law student in Kenya, you have done your reading, then you must have come across the typical Kenyan judicial practice that is (CONSOLIDATED JUDGEMENTS). A five judge bench attempts the great feat of producing a single judgment. I cannot fathom that a group of five could arrive at the same decision using the same reasoning. With the rare dissenting opinion of our next generation judges as was seen in the NICHOLAS KIPTOO ARAP KORIR SALAT V INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL AND BOUNDARIES COMMISSION & 7 OTHERS (2014). Yes, that was sarcasm. Don’t however underestimate the importance of group work. All lawyers have to learn to co-operate, work in teams or under someone at some point in their career. There is no lone wolf in law, other packs will eat you up.

So there you have it, if judges can sit down and do “group work” , how is it that we law students think that we can escape the knife that bled the justices of our great nation. Group work is an essential and important part of any law program, whether as a formative or a summative element. Treasure it.

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